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If you have a modern shower head that uses 9-10 litres of water per minute and you have a 10 minute shower, you will use approximately 100 litres per shower.  If you have an older shower head that uses 15 -20 litres per minute you will be using a lot more.

Water Harvesting

We offer a wide range of products for recycling rainwater, either for drinking, for general home use or to water the garden. From 1500 litre slimline tanks to 10,000 litre above ground tanks and a range of underground tanks from 3000 litres to 20,000 plus litres. We also supply grey water and sewage treatment systems to ensure that not a drop is wasted.

If you are serious about recycling your rainwater, 20,000 litres of underground water tanks connected to every down pipe and catching every bit of rainwater from your roof area would go a long way to meeting your water needs.


Recycling grey water from showers, vanities & laundries can help save up to 250,000 litres of water a year in a family home. Instead of going down the drain, it is recycled back onto your garden. The size of the system depends on the number of people in the house but we stock a range from small systems, that will pump the water onto your garden as it is used , to larger tank system that suit 4-6 people. The larger systems fill the tank throughout the day and pump the water out onto your garden or lawn every 24 hrs.



Blackwater units are designed to be used on properties that do not have access to the sewer system such as larger acreage properties, mine sites, caravan parks, farms and industrial blocks. However systems can be installed anywhere where there is a use for recycled water.

An ATU (Alternative Treatment Unit) blackwater system is similar to a septic system, except that the water is treated and pumped back onto your garden, instead of just leaking into the ground through a leach drain.

Black water is similar to grey water in the water is pumped onto your gardens , lawns or fruit trees via 14mm purple  sub service  retic dripper line .  Some companies claim the water is so clean it is good enough to drink – but we’ll leave that decision up to you.

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